School for Political Design

Plattform für politisches und soziales Unternehmertum


Part-time study program for Political and Social Entrepreneurship

The MPP-Program invites professionals of any age with hands-on experience in political, scientific, cultural, economic, or social environments who understand, that the social challenges of our time need ground-breaking solutions and visionary actions. More specifically, the curriculum is designed to enable students to develop, communicate and implement their social or political project on the basis of effective action and responsible decision-making. Our goal is to help shape a new generation of civic-minded and innovative entrepreneurs.

The programme enables them with all necessary analytical and practical skills to become a leader and/ or an entrepreneur in a political or social context.

Students learn in small groups with participants representing a diverse range of disciplines, guided by high-class lecturers. Additionally, they are supported by personal coaches and mentors. 


Part-time Program: The degree is earned in a part-time program consisting of e-learning modules and attendance periods in Berlin.

Practical and Applied Dimensions: For each chosen candidate the execution of their proposed political or social project will be core of the program.

Interdisciplinary: Students work in small interdisciplinary groups under close faculty supervision providing a comprehensive introduction to various perspectives of the policy-process.  

Innovative: The curriculum is designed to provide a platform for the constructive exchange of knowledge and experience. Teamwork, cooperation, and interaction among students and with high profile faculty are key to this innovative MPP.