School for Political Design

Plattform für politisches und soziales Unternehmertum



  • Excellent higher education degree
  • At least two years of practical experience (project or voluntary work included)
  • Proven English proficiency. Accepted parameter will be:
  1. a test result of at least 240 points in the TOEFEL computer-based test (95 in internet-based test and 585 in paper based test), or a IELTS grade of at least 6,5; or
  2. equivalent proof, e.g. residence in an English-speaking foreign country for a sufficient period
  3. Excellent Computer Skills
  4. A project concept to be developed / implemented in a specific organization or institution.

Documents requested for application:

  • Application Form, duly filled and signed (English)
  • Project Proposal Form, duly filled, approx. 2-3 pages (English)
  • A letter of motivation which will specify the personal and professional goals of the participation in the Master of Public Policy, max. 2 pages (English)
  • A certified copy of the highest degree obtained including a Curriculum Studiorum (i.e. list of courses) (accepted in English, French, Spanish, German, Polish)
  • A detailed CV including the description of the two – or more – years of working experience (English). Certified copy of relevant documents (i.e., contract) should be enclosed.
  • Two written references from 1) a practitioner working in a civil society, political or economic organization and, 2) an academic/expert in the certified field of study. (Accepted in English, French, Spanish, German, Polish).
  • For scholarship applicants: statement of income in the form of a salary statement